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Is Reflexology safe?

Yes! Reflexology is a non-invasive, complementary therapy. It is not only safe, but beneficial for people undergoing medical treatments, including chemotherapy and IVF. It is suitable for everyone from babies to the elderly, and can be adapted to fit around mobility issues and special needs.

My training covered how to treat safely throughout all stages of pregnancy, although many mothers choose to wait until after 12 weeks.

The only circumstances when reflexology is not recommended are if the client is suffering from fever, diarrhoea, symptoms of an infectious disease (including covid), broken or irritated skin in the area to be treated, or DVT. Facial reflexology is not recommended over fillers or botox.


Please be assured that I will be following all government guidelines and the Association of Reflexologists Covid-19 Secure Workplace Policy to minimise risk of cross infection. I will only be working if the government guidance permits close contact working.

Ongoing research indicates that reflexology has a positive impact during the recovery from Covid-19 and can support people living with long covid.

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