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What's a reflexology treatment like?

My aim is to make your reflexology treatment as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. I do, however, have to adhere to Covid-19 Safe working practices - please make sure you have read this section of the website.

We will complete a full consultation at the start of your first appointment and discuss what treatment would be most beneficial to you. I will examine your feet for any clues they hold about your health. This is nothing to worry about - I am fascinated by feet and do not judge!

You will then get comfortable on your sofa or my zero gravity chair. Snuggly blankets and pillows can help you feel even more relaxed. If you are having foot reflexology, I will refresh your feet with rose water on soft bamboo pads, then apply beautifully scented balm with the essential oils that support your needs. The treatment begins with a relaxing foot massage.

During the reflexology sequence I will use my thumbs, index fingers and sometimes knuckles to apply pressure to specific points on your toes, feet and lower calf. Some of these may feel a little tender, but it should not be unpleasant. I may feel crunching and popping in areas of blocked energy! I will revisit areas that relate any particular condition or imbalance.

Do let me know if you would enjoy firmer or lighter pressure.

Facial reflexology begins with a gentle cleanse and massage with oil suitable for your skin type. In the same way as foot reflexology I will work through a sequence covering all the body's systems and organs, feeling for energy imbalances. facial reflexology is more gentle then foot reflexology and many clients drift off.

You can choose to divide your treatment time between foot and face reflexology, or add in hand reflexology, Reiki healing or Indian head massage. It's your treatment and I want it to be perfect for you.

If you'd like me to explain what area I'm working on I can; if you'd like to zone out or nod off that's fine too!

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